Everybody wants to know what is the best way to market their business. 

One of the best ways is to make a talking heads video where you tell your potential customers about you and your Company. 

Let’s face it, people like watching something more than reading something. (Take YouTube, Netflix, Showmax, etc as an example).  So all the nice things you wrote about you and your company and your website will probably not even be read.

But put a professionally filmed and edited 30 sec to 1-minute video on there, and most people will watch it.

It is also easy to share something like that on social media or with a potential customer. 

Your potential customers get a “feeling” for you, something you can not create by reading text only. When people see and hear you, you will build more trust with them.

And seeing that most businesses nowadays don’t use video marketing it immediately gives you the edge over your opposition.  

I don’t want to bore you with stats here, but if you want to read more about the advantages of video marketing, here is something that I wrote about it on our sister company, CRAFFORD PRODUCTION’s website.

We have done a lot of videos for businesses where we make a  promotional video for their company. We go to their business and film everything there, but this can quickly get very expensive. And smaller business people haven’t always got premises where we can go to and film. 

We have a beautiful photo studio in Pretoria East where we photograph business people (headshots), products, families, etc.

So we thought, we have the infrastructure already, why not invite business people to come over, and we shoot a talking heads video for them where they tell potential customers about them and their product.

We have a professional videographer in our business, the right kind of cameras and lenses, lighting equipment, sound recording equipment, and different backgrounds to film against.

We even have a teleprompter for you to read your speech from, so you don’t have to memorize your words out of your head.

We can even change the background to anything you like by filming you against a green screen and using any picture as a background.

This video can then be uploaded to your website, to YouTube, your social media accounts, etc. You can even just keep this video on your phone or tablet and WhatsApp it to potential clients when they inquire about your business.

We are now offering a special of R1900-00 for a standard Talking Heads video in our studio. It will be professionally filmed and edited, we can even put your company logo on the video.

Contact me on WhatsApp or call me at 082 891 0936 or email me at

Hope to see you soon.

JC and Surika Crafford

Watch our talking heads video examples: